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UK Teaching Posts in TV &

Video Techniques include:  

• National Film & Television School - Beaconsfield Studios

• International Television Training Centre - London

• Academy of Live & Recorded Arts - London

• Amersham & Wycombe College

• East Berkshire College - Maidenhead

• Berkshire College of Arts & Design - Reading

• American College in London

• Summer schools

• Evening classes

Contact today for expert video tuition.

Maurice Fleisher offers one-to-one and group personal tuition for students and enthusiasts of all ages. With the right guidance in all aspects of picture composition, lighting and sound etc, at minimal cost it is possible to improve your footage and edit it into a professional-looking production, which can be shown with pride.


Whether you're interested in learning the craft as a career or are just a keen enthusiast, our video tuition is the right choice for you. Our philosophy in creating meaningful moving images and sound is, "Shoot like a cameraman but think like an editor."


As an added bonus, our students usually get the chance to work on a live shooting job for the ultimate in practical experience.

Maurice Fleisher